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so whats next

So what’s next?

So what’s next?

Since the Album Launch I’ve been preparing for the arrival of my new Son. Rohan is now here safely and doing fantastically well. I didn’t stop but I’ve slowed down with my public performances etc… NO ONE COULD PREPARE YOU FOR HOW MUCH WORK GOES INTO A NEW BORN BABY! So much more respect for my parents now!

So Meet Rohan: pete & Ro

Anyway… I’m now in a position where I have time to update you about what’s on the cards for the tail end of 2015 and 2016.

Reviews & Interviews:
First of all check out the batch of interviews & reviews I’ve been doing & getting over the past few months.

Pure M Magazine Review – Great Review of ‘PM’

The Thin Air (Interview) – Interview about all that’s happening in my world atm..

Pure M Picks – Discussing the Single ‘When We Kiss’  which you can stream on spotify here: Keep the plays coming people 3.5k listens in 2 weeks so far add it to your playlists.

New Music:

I’m currently working on a batch of EP’s dedicated to separate genres. I’ve started working on a Heavy Rock EP with Kacper Lewandowski, Kacper is an ex student of mine but is one of the most talented metal musicians I’ve worked with. He’s also an aspiring producer and he’s someone I will co-produce this EP with. He has already been sending me over Demo’s of the song Ideas i’ve sent over and I’m really impressed. I’m really excited for you all to hear ‘Scars’ from this EP… Instrumental Sneak Peek:

Next up i’ve been working with Ciara O’Neill, We’ve obviously already recorded ‘Song for Winter’ together & recently we’ve written another song called ‘Siren of Death’ i’m really excited about sharing this with you and hopefully you’ll all really love what we’re up to on this. I’m pretty sure there’s an EP of material in us, co-writing with Ciara is really easy. Sneak Peek:


The 3rd EP is gonna be a continuation of ‘PM’ this might develop into Album 2 depending on how i’m feeling with the songs. But needless to say i’m really excited about sharing all of this music with you no sneak peeks on this one yet :)
Live Shows:
In November I’m heading back to the Netherlands. I’m gonna be playing a run of shows between the 12th & 16th. Sat 14th Night is already confirmed in Backstage in Hoorn. Looking forward to getting over and playing to all you beautiful dutchies! As well as introducing Rohan to my new buddies over there!

Apart from The Netherlands, I’ve a few shows at home: I’m playing on Monday Night in Bangor at a wee night in a coffee shop with AER Music Club all proceeds going to help support the refugee situation currently haunting people.


I’ve also been approached by the Empire bar to play their roots night. I’m not available on the dates atm… but i’ll be working something out with them. I’ll also be announcing an intimate show in Dublin over the next month.

PM Music Talk Podcast:

The podcast is now starting to expand out discussing songwriting, discussing what inspires you within songs. My first guest on the show will be Stephen MacCartney. The fantastic news about the Podcast is it’s now on itunes & the show will be more regular now that i’m getting my wee son into a routine. I’m also back to work in Belfast Met working as a part time lecturer in Music so this gives me some extra access to studios to edit the show in a non baby crying environment lol. I’ll be removing the podcast from SoundCloud as itunes really seems to be the best way to deliver it… Anyone thinks differently let me know.

Click Here: to listen back to what’s been on before

Compilation Album: 

PM Belfast Select is up on itunes & spotify or the store on this site. As stated before it has some amazing Irish artists on it and I hope to get a second compilation album out towards the start of 2016. Please add the Album to your playlists on itunes & Spotify to help support the fantastic Artsits.

I’ll be in more countries in 2016 than ever before as well as returning back to the states and expanding upon mainland UK & Europe.

So as you can see there’s plenty still going on in the World of ‘PM’. Stay tuned for the next run of shows supporting the Album and gearing up for the next bath of releases next year! Hope you’re all doing well and thank you so much for your lovely messages regarding Edel & Rohan!


Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 16.54.37

Siren of Death – Animated Video Sneak Peek

Siren of Death: I’ve been working on a new song of late, with the fantastic Ciara O’Neill. I wrote a few verses down and asked Ciara to come in on it and we finished writing off the concept with some of her fantastic ideas. The video is a few weeks off yet but the Maria Becvar has been lovely enough to send through an early clip. I’m super excited about this track, it’s something completely different for me and something that I think sounds really cool.


Check out the link below for a wee sneak peek of the video: