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Well that’s great news! Can I ask you for some help!?

Well that’s great news! Can I ask you for some help!?

Yesterday I received the great news that my song ‘When We Kiss’ was selected as one of the winners (Unsigned Artists Section) of the International Songwriting Competition. I’ve been a finalist a few times before but this year I was lucky enough to be placed. Liking a song is such a subjective thing but I’m really grateful to be placed as a winner, it’s great recognition and I greatly appreciate my peers providing me with some affirmation in what i’m doing.

‘When We Kiss’ was a track I started writing with Chris Geehan, We’d this idea that started off really onerepublic sounding and ended up moving away and taking its own sound. I pretty much had the lyrics within a day and had a bit of a back and forth with Mike Malinin on some of the aspects of the lyrics. I was working with The Prime on the production of the track who are a dutch based production company and we between us worked up a mix. The track came out really great and when Mike put the kit on the final track it all just came together. I’m really proud of the track and again am so happy people like it.

Now for the I need you help part.

As an unsigned artist, you get wee opportunities to really push tracks. Things where press etc… give a shit. And this is one of those times. So what i’m looking for is if you could help me by sharing the track on your social media pages. Help get the track out there, add it to your spottily playlists, if you’re a blogger give it a mention in your blog, if you’re just a social media fiend share it. Any help is great & it’ll push the track a bit rather than it fade off into obscurity.

So if you’d like to & are willing here’s some links you have a choice of sharing!

Hope you all having an epic day people!



Music Opportunity (please share)

Music Opportunity

Hi Guys,

As some of you may be aware, I’m a Lecturer in Music & Music Technology in Belfast Metropolitan college. We typically run full-time courses in music and various levels. Level 2 – equivalent to G.C.S.E standard, then level 3 which is equivalent to 3 A-levels and then a HND, which is level 4 & 5 and covers your first year of university.

As a tutor I’ve always wanted to expand and offer more than just a standard form of education where students attend 9 – 5. I believe that music education can change your life. I’m actually the perfect example of it. I was working in a call centre for 3 years and then decided to go back and study music in Belfast Met on the Level 3 music course and then went on to study in Queens University. Now, I’m actively a professional musician, composer, songwriter and lecturer. Obviously there was a sacrifice in giving up work and living with my parents for a few years.

I’m never really one to promote other jobs that I do on here, but I kinda feel that this is a perfect opportunity for those who want to stay in work and study. Or those who are out of work and feel like the need to better their lives.

In the Met we are launching a HNC with an entry level of 80 U.C.A.S tariff points (not very high at all). If you don’t have any A levels (even at E or D), you can still apply through written form explaining why you believe the course is for you. We’ll be offering an audition where you can either perform or submit a portfolio of work and come in for a chat.

This course will be priced pretty low: £825 Per Year (concession available).

If you’re a working musician at nights, we’ve placed the course during a Monday & Tuesday so as not to interfere with your work. We think this might be useful for musicians that want to get themselves qualified to go into teaching or to go into the work of composing for film & gaming.

Here’s some specific information on the course.

Monday 3.45 – 8.00pm with break for dinner
Tuesday 1.00 – 6pm with breaks.

Edexcel BTEC Level 4 HNC in Music (Production)

This course will enable you to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills for a career in the music/film/gaming industry.  The course focusses on music composition and production, and is taught by music professionals who are current and active in the industry.  You will learn about aspects of music such as: recording, songwriting, analysis, arranging/orchestration, mixing, sound design,  mastering.  You will also develop supporting knowledge and understanding of the historical and theoretical aspects of the creation of music and study skills.  You will undertake student-devised and student-run projects e.g. composing and recording music for film and game, studio recording of live performers and independent research into a subject of your choice.

Course units:

Studio Recording and Engineering
Songwriting Techniques and Skills
Music in Context
Music Technology


Computer Music Composition and Production
Audio Post Production
Creative Arts Research Skills
Composing for Film and Television

Studying music was the best thing I did. It might open up something cool for you. Feel free to get in contact with me via Facebook, email, Twitter or register on this site and comment below. I’ll throw up more information which the applications are open.