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PM Music Talk Podcast 3

PM Music Talk Podcast 3 still requested music but later this week or early next i’ll start to get my co-hosts in and hopefully there’ll be some extra music talking :)


I’ll also be bringing in guests, who’ll bring in their fav music collections and discuss why they love the music so much!

In Episode 3 of the PM Music Talk podcast:

Bill Withers – Lean on me…4756?i=469475441

Jarred Dickenson – Your Heart Belongs to me…t-ep/id793577339

Madeleine Slate – Different Too…0406?i=726340775

John Mayer – Who did you think I was (Live)…5976?i=732996129

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Why i’m doing a Podcast:

Podcasts & Blogs: 

I’ve been told by marketing people that blogs & Podcasts are outdated. This is kinda the reason I’m doing it. I’m fed up of people talking about demographics. I think radio has slumped massively in the past few years. I don’t even blame presenters. I’ve a few friends who are fantastic at their jobs, but the music they can play is being dictated by playlists & demographic details.

“Under 20’s like etc… over 20’s and under 30’s wouldn’t like this…” . There are a few great shows on at random times, late night or early morning. You have to understand that Radio, like everything else, is about making revenue or in the BBC’s case, it’s about meeting targets developed by people that come across pretty clueless. The BBC’s outlook on good radio has been widely discussed and criticised. They’ve gone past the point of looking for good music, picking what fits the demographic at a specific time.

So, in a really small way I’m wanting to go back to that John Peel day. I want to find & discover new music & I want you to do that with me. If you want to share music with like-minded people of any age or if you have an artist you want to share or are an artist that wants to share… maybe you think you know of a completely underrated artist, then:

Tweet me @mcveighp

or post it on my page 

Lets just discover amazing music! If you recommend music, the show will get better. I’m also going to get a few co-hosts from around the world. As the podcast develops, we’ll start adding topics on music and basically taking a leaf out of AMC Movie Talks podcasts. I fully expect to turn the podcast into a vlog and a youtube channel.  This is gonna be something cool & I’d love you to be involved in it!

After doing two podcasts i’ve been invited to put them out on radio as well. There’s obviously a “demographic” for it lol

Check out the Podcast:

So that’s why I’m doing podcasts!