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‘PM’ Released (Now I need your help!)

So the ‘PM’ album is released! Edel & I sat down yesterday with a wee cup of joe and listened through the Album. I’m exceptionally proud of it! It’s the perfect debut album, the best that I could have done!

We all have our worries when putting things out there. I took on quite a lot in such a short amount of time. But that’s kinda why I like doing these things. I usually thrive under stress & pressure. This was an extreme version of stress & pressure! Inviting people into the process via Kickstarter was an invaluable experience, but the fact that I had to update people about the process was a job in itself. Making sure there was exclusive content for those people & ensuring I was sticking to my deadlines was a massive task (especially when sometimes those tasks are no longer in your hands). Remember I’ve been working almost a full-time job and been gigging at the weekends!

I decided to take the independent route in terms of release. I did have chats for distribution via a label, but to be honest the percentage that the company wanted for doing pretty much nothing was a bit ridiculous. It’s nice to be a bit older & jaded and know that I don’t need or want a record deal. This is a way of life for me. I’ll release an Album or EP and head off around the world as best I can to play shows and sell the album. I’ve no mad interest or hope of doing anything else bar just being a musician.

The Album & related merchandise will be posted out to all the lovely Kickstarter people this week!

PM Album Bundle

I’d like to take a moment to thank all of you! I know I’ve said it in the Kickstarter updates! But the album has become so much more than just a disc of my music. It’s really been an affirmation that what I do sparks interest. The feedback from the Kickstarter people in the past month in relation to the Album has been overwhelming! To have been called an “inspiration” by fellow musicians has also been great!

Now comes the real hard work, getting people to hear the Album!

I’ll be doing my best with press, reviews & radio. I’d love your help to spread the word on the album! Just let people know about it. Tell them you’re listening to it and give it a bit of a plug on your social media sites. I look forward to gigging the Album starting with a very special and exclusive full-acoustic band at the Nashville Songwriters Festival this Sat the 7th of March in the Holiday Inn, Belfast. You can get your tickets at the door for £5. It’s going to be a fantastic night.

Then it looks like I’ll be heading off on an Irish tour and a small number of mainland Europe shows. Then I’ll be entering some discussions next week for some North American opportunities.

Also, I know a lot of you didn’t like the idea of Kickstarter. You prefer to buy a product when it’s complete. Well it’s now complete! So if you’re going to invest in the Album think about doing it on my site! The support would be very much appreciated!

Thanks again everyone & I’d greatly appreciate it if you could cover Social media with the news that my Album is out! Tag me too! @mcveighp on Twitter, or on Facebook: Peter McVeigh Music 

Cheers Lovely People!





‘Stronger’ was a song that I started to write about a year ago, It started life on a piano and developed into something a bit more anthemic. I’ve been playing it at gigs for the past year, just sussing it out in front of crowds. It’s been one of those songs that people seem to remember the hook line which is great.

The track was recorded between a number of places, The Drums & Guitars were tracked up with Frankie McClay in Einstein Studios, The vocals, Piano & Bass were recorded in my Studio in Belfast, Strings were recorded in Nashville with Mark Evitts! It’s been a long time in the making.

The video was created by the fantastic Ashling Lindsey:

Hope you like it guys!