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PM Belfast Selection: Volume 1

PM Belfast Selection: Volume 1

So a while ago I announced that I’d be starting my own label ‘8PMRecords’, I intend to help out a few younger musicians over the next year or so, but before then I’d like to showcase some of our country’s best music. The second release on the label will be ‘The PM Belfast Selection: Volume 1′. This is a compilation disc that I collated in order to showcase some of my fav songs from this Isle & one of my own from the PM Album! I’ve called it Volume 1 because I know there’s so much good music here and picking 10 tracks isn’t going to be enough!

The list of artists that will be featuring on the Album will be:

Master & Dog
Ryan McMullan
Matt McGinn
Shauna Tohill
Ciara O’Neill
Stephen MacCartney
The Emerald Armada
Paul Tully

All profits from the Album are being split evenly to all of the artists, so by purchasing the disc which will be available this week via you’ll be supporting each of the artists, It will also be available on itunes, spotify & amazon etc…

Stay tuned for another update later in the week to let you know when the Album is available & also some information on the Artists involved!

I’d love to know what you think of my first selection below!