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PM Belfast Selection: Volume 1…

Anyone that’s been following my blog or known me for the past few years, would be well aware I decided to stop waiting around on the music industry to find me and I decided to go about creating my own music industry. Playing in different countries, starting up my own record label, recording my own album and getting out there to co-write with a load of other artists! To be honest there’s loads more planned including my podcast now being hooked up with some radio stations in different countries.

I work with a few artists already giving some advice and I’m also hooking people up with some booking agents etc.. I meet a load of musicians as a music teacher in a popular music college called ‘Belfast Metropolitan College’. It’s a massively oversubscribed course and I really don’t think there’s enough music provision in the province to cover the amount of talent here. That’s kinda where the idea to release a compilation album came from.

You may have read my blog on how difficult the music industry can be discussing the itunes & Spotify issues alone (Click here to read about that).  With this in mind and after having had chats for many, many years with people about pooling our efforts, I believe putting out a compilation album series is probably a great place to start. In terms of my own Record label, it’s also a fantastic place to start in terms of just getting good music out there before starting to invest in and develop new talent. I’d like to be able to showcase some of the fantastic talent that’s existed on my doorstep for number of years! I think when organisations start a new remit for music, they always consider the younger musicians only, when really there’s a lot of quality in the underexposed majority of mature artists.

I’m passionate about music if nothing else…

The people I’ve decided to put on the compilation album are people that I’ve met on my journey over the 10+ Years I’ve been playing in Belfast. The name may be a bit misleading. The artists aren’t all from Belfast, it’s just where I found the artists. They’re from Northern Ireland, but not necessarily the capital city or originally from the North.

The Artists & Track Listing:
This House – Emerald Armada
Parity – Stephen MacCartney
Go Your Way (I’ll go mine) – Paul Tully
Foxes – Shauna Tohill (Exclusive New Track)
The Way you Stand – Master & Dog
Flames – Triona (currently playlisted on cool fm & downtown)
Love will find you – Matt McGinn (Exclusive New Track)
Strange Day – Ciara O’Neill
Time To Make A Change – Ryan Mc Mullan
Save Me – Peter McVeigh

I’ve shared the stage with most of the guys on the Album! I’m massively proud to put out an Album with such amazing talent on it! You can head over now to my own store by clicking here and purchasing the album! or head on over to itunes | Spotify: :  As always you’ll get facts from me! I’d much prefer if you purchased the Album from my site as myself and the other artists will get much more of the income that way & by buying from us directly you really help us push our own music!

This is an equal split album myself and the other artists on the Disc are taking equal splits on the income. We get 100% of revenue from my site, we get about 47% from itunes & much much less from Spotify.

If you’re interested in amazing music!

Get this Album! it’s a must!


I’ll follow up with a bit about each artist on the Album later in the week!
There are two exclusive tracks on the Album from Shauna Tohill & Matt Mc Ginn.



PM Belfast Selection: Volume 1

PM Belfast Selection: Volume 1

So a while ago I announced that I’d be starting my own label ‘8PMRecords’, I intend to help out a few younger musicians over the next year or so, but before then I’d like to showcase some of our country’s best music. The second release on the label will be ‘The PM Belfast Selection: Volume 1′. This is a compilation disc that I collated in order to showcase some of my fav songs from this Isle & one of my own from the PM Album! I’ve called it Volume 1 because I know there’s so much good music here and picking 10 tracks isn’t going to be enough!

The list of artists that will be featuring on the Album will be:

Master & Dog
Ryan McMullan
Matt McGinn
Shauna Tohill
Ciara O’Neill
Stephen MacCartney
The Emerald Armada
Paul Tully

All profits from the Album are being split evenly to all of the artists, so by purchasing the disc which will be available this week via you’ll be supporting each of the artists, It will also be available on itunes, spotify & amazon etc…

Stay tuned for another update later in the week to let you know when the Album is available & also some information on the Artists involved!

I’d love to know what you think of my first selection below!