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song for winter

Song for Winter

Hey guys,

Finally it’s time to let the songs from the up & coming ‘PM’ album escape into the world!

Tonight Olga Kaye is giving ‘Song for Winter’ it’s first spin, to celebrate a major radio station giving the track some airtime, I’m going to release the music video for the track:

I wanted to do something different for the video! Something cute.

Ashling Lindsay really captured the sentiment in the song, we talked out a story board for the track and she really brought the song a new dimension!

So check it out below ‘Song for Winter’ the first of many songs from me to hit your ears this year!

The song was written with Ciara O’Neill, Chris Geehan, Dan Byrne- McCullough & Thomas Camblin. Recorded at my studio in Belfast & is the first track that I’ve fully tracked & mixed myself. Mark Evitts from Nashville also provided his string arrangement for the track. Pete Maher was the mastering engineer. I’m exceptionally happy with the final result! hope you guys like it!

It’ll be available to Pre Order via iTunes on the 24th of January.

But as of right now, if you Pre Order ‘PM’ Album from HERE  ‘Song for Winter’ is available to download Right now! Weather you order a physical copy of the album or digital version you’ll have access to a digital download via you’re ‘My Account’ section.

Let me know what you think!

All thanks and praise goes to all you lovely Kickstarter people!



Music isn’t in trouble…

Music isn’t in trouble, it just exists in this place called the real world.

We’re hearing these stores and seeing all these stats and figures about how the music industry is dying. That my be true. The monetisation of music is in trouble in an ever dependant digital age. Arts funding is being cut, the events budgets for councils & country are too… yet I still exist & so do a lot of my friends … well last time I Facebooked them they did anyway.

According to there was 15 billion US dollars made on music in 2013. 51% of that was physical copies, 39% digital revenues, 7% on performance rights and 2% sync. I see musician after musician talk about the numbers.

I’ve noticed campaigns for & against Spotify. I personally think revenues through Spotify should have some sort of minimum rather than a fluxuating ad based system, but then the problem with that is ‘Spotify’ can’t afford to exist with that arrangement. I’ve been reading we’re in the midst of a digital revolution. Funny thing is I embraced digital years ago, I’ve accepted it and found my way back to the real world.

Existing as a musician isn’t easy, but that’s a choice I made and to be honest if it was easy it probably wouldn’t be as rewarding. The struggle & stress of it all makes me happy. I found it easy to sit at home, write some songs, put them out and not really interact with people. I’d play a few gigs here and there, but really people were listening to the tracks and buying them or streaming them and contacting me.

Making a bit of an effort:
A few years ago I started to reach out to these people and offer to come play in their local areas. I also decided to meet up with other musicians around my own home and work with them. I felt a sense of belonging and pride in being a musician. I’ve heard the word ‘scene’ thrown about a lot, but I think ‘community’ is really what I’m looking for. I started to create and join a community! I sat in bars playing unplugged with friends for fun! I setup co-writing sessions to just work with other people… I took songwriting workshops, I stayed extra after shows in the Nashville Songwriters Festival to just sing a few songs… and all of this has expanded my community. We all have & create our own worlds, but it’s the connections that we make that really matter. I’ve noticed an increase in support of my music as the community expands. I’m not talking about friends & family or just musicians here. When playing in the bars with friends for fun, people stop and ask who we/I am… this leads on to word of mouth and more and more people find you. When you travel and play… more and more people find you. You also start to grow in confidence and guess what… more people are interested in what you do. This community enables you to be relaxed, be yourself and offer a service, a night out for couples, a meet up for people interested in songs, a night down your local bar in Holland, Germany or Nashville to go see that “Funny Irish Guy”.

What happens after this is crazy, the digital world becomes more relevant (not in creating and begging for money or for people to buy your album).but in keeping in contact with this community that’s growing in asking for support and help. It’s the interacting that matters! The human element of the digital world. You hear marketing people talking about “build a community”, but talking in terms of trojan horse. Infiltrate that community lol

How about we all stop wanting to be rich, and be happy being able to make a living. YOU CAN MAKE A LIVING DOING THIS! It’s not as difficult as people make it out to be! I’m fully aware I’ll never be rich. Just like any job you need to put the work in. So many people just think they’ve this right to be paid for doing something… knock it out of your head lad… get out there, meet some people, have fun, showcase yourself and if people are interested in it… you’ll get by.

As much as I support the campaigns to keep Arts funding and help build and develop culture within our countries, I will exist if funding doesn’t exist. I will exist even if the music industry dies completely… because I’m not a middle man & I don’t need middle men, I just need to keep finding places to play with people that wanna hear.

Music makers: make some music!

Lovely general public: Go out and be entertained!

Everyone: Lets get to know each other, if you see me out and about on your travels come and say Hi!


song for winter

Song for Winter (Sneak Peek)

So it’s getting around that time, my first single is close to being released.

The guys who supported the project via kickstarter heard about this track a few months ago. ‘Song for Winter’ is a song that was written & recorded during a Tuesday night writing session with Ciara O’Neill.

The track also features Ciara O’Neill singing on the track. it was written with Dan Byrne McCullough, Chris Geehan & Thomas Camblin. Mark Evitts provided some fantastic strings for the track and the Animation was created by the very talented Ashling Lindsay at ‘Pink Bottle Productions’. I’m really happy with the track and the video & I can’t wait to let you all hear it in full towards the end of the month!

I’m working really hard to meet all my deadlines! The album will be on general sale 07/03/2015. Kickstarter people will hopefully still be on track to get the album at the end of January. Anyone else that Pre Orders the Album from the website will get early access to the album also in February.

Looking forward to getting it out to you guys!



The Year that was 2014

The Year that was 2014!

I’ve had such an amazing year…

For the past 3 – 4 years they’ve just been getting better & better. Anyone that follows me on social media would be fully aware of this! This is the first full year where I’ve played in at least 4 different countries, across 2 continents! As an independent artist that’s no mean feat!

The year started with the amazing news that the guys at the Belfast Nashville Festival had selected me to travel, all expenses paid to Nashville and play some amazing gigs, meet some industry people and just experience Nashville! If you’ve not seen my Nashville Blogs go check them out! (The site’s under a bit of construction atm… so you might wanna leave it until Jan 2015 ) The guys at the Nashville festival also gave me an amazing slot playing on stage with Midge Ure. I’d say this is the first year where I’ve finally been able to 100% completely be myself on stage. Not putting an act on or forcing anything. Midge was one of the reasons I was able to do this. Chatting away to him really put me at ease before we went on stage. Having a bit of a laugh with someone who wasn’t intimidating, but was a fantastic artist made me come out of my shell (bet you didn’t think I had a shell). So the experience with the Nashville guys has been amazing on many levels! 100000000 x thanks to Colin & Anne for putting so many opportunities my way!

Find out more about the Midge Ure gig here:

I’ve got to work with some amazing musicians this year on tracks and also been able to write on some tracks featuring huge artists. I got to work with Mike Malinin who was always a musical influence of mine growing up. We met up in Nashville had a few pints and talked music then went on to co-write a few tunes. That’s been amazing and is something that I’m sure will continue to grow. I co-wrote on a track featuring Busta Rhymes, which was a  great experience and working with the guys in The Prime is always fantastic, those guys also feature with Mike on a track called ‘When We Kiss’, which is on the new album.

I got to support Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi) but not only support him, I got to sing live on stage with him in the iconic Ulster Hall! That’s 2 bucket list dreams at the same time.

Within the space of a few weeks I’d travelled to The Netherlands, London & Spain. I played at 2 summer outdoor festivals with the sun beating down and played a few other gigs along the way.


You Kickstarted Me!

I had a crazy amount of support from all of you guys! Running my Kickstarter was a massive gamble. Having travelled for the past few years playing, I’d got the feeling that I’ve started to build up a bit of a fan base and thought now might be the time to ask for your help in order to produce an album! I’m still smiling when I think about how supportive you all are. I received a lot of emails and facebook posts of support from where I originally come from with people saying I was doing the place proud. That’s cool as Poleglass has a bit of a bad rep, but realistically there’s loads of lovely people up there! Here’s the Kickstarter Video one last time for you all! :) Thanks a million!


I setup a studio in Belfast City Centre:

Working with the fantastic Hyperduck guys Chris Geehan & Dan Byrne McCullough. Those guys have been strong co-writers this year with me and have performed on the album coming 2015. Thomas Camblin, Stephen Macartney & Shauna Tohill have all been constant visitors to the studio for some co-writing as well as working with Zarah Fleming!

Syria / #KindDecember:
You lovely people have also helped raise money for some extremely important causes, We all attended the night in the Empire, which was almost sold out! I’m so proud of organising that with Owen Lamont. It’s been one of the biggest highlights of 2014, seeing so many people come together for a good cause. We also ran a last minute #KindDecember set of gigs and did really well out of those. Thanks alot for your help and support people!


I’ve got some lovely new friends after this year also: 

Emily Volman & Mark Evitts are cool people and I look forward to hooking up with them for a Pint in 2015! Emily introduced me to Mark and Mark has really been amazing and necessary in the working and Arranging of the new Album!

I reconnected with Mr Frankie McClay from Einstein Studios nothing but smiles when i’m tracking with that guy!

Ciara O’Neill who you’ll be hearing more & more from over the coming year i’m sure!
2014 also had some down times: 

We lost a friend to Cancer, Peter Rosser check out what the Independent had to say about Peter :

He was a great intellect , and will be sorely missed!

We also went through some tough times with my mum getting ill, but are in a much better position now after a successful operation.

I’ve also had the continued support of friends I’ve made in previous years!



Delzo: It’s all been possible and a shared journey this year with Edel, we’ve had a really exciting year and are sure to have an even more exciting year next year! Have a good one people, Thank you for being amazing!

Watch out for the Album in 2015!


Hopefully 2015 continues to look like this:


Now lets watch some Jools Holland!


Dyslexic & Me (Or Just Me)

This is a bit of a random one I’m sure! But I thought I’d discuss it anyway. Recently I’ve been having chats with friends who are both dyslexic and those who are “Normal”.
“Awk will you just shush about all that dyslexic stuff …” in response to “I’m not sure I want to read that out unprepared in front of a crowd.”

“Your mistakes on Facebook posts are just laziness. Dyslexia only really matters when you’re reading mass amounts of words, like in a book” – response to my Facebook spelling mistakes.

“Dyslexia doesn’t affect your grammar. It only affects your spelling”- some rules made up after a grammar Nazi thought they’d go in for the kill.

This 100% isn’t a “my struggle” blog! I don’t think I would be me without Dyslexia. I feel it has many advantages. But first…


A little background / example of my dyslexia:

As a child, my parents didn’t really understand the disorder. They used to ask me to sit over and over again and try to learn my spelling. We would honestly sit for hours going over and over and over it and then 5 minutes later, I’d have forgotten them all.

I’d go into school and get up in front of the teacher and fail -EVERY WEEK!. Not just once or twice. It got so embarrassing, that I used to hide my spelling books behind the sofa and say I couldn’t find them or that we didn’t have any spelling test this week. I have the same issue with times tables and mathematics in general. For my exams in school, I was predicted to achieve all E’s. In the end I achieved straight C’s in my GCSE’s. I’m now 29 and I still have this issue.

Spell check makes things much easier, but it can also be quite a frustrating beast. Sometimes you just can’t think how to spell the word at all. When people say phonetically speak it out, it’s not the best method with all these fucking silent letters or a Belfast accent. The English language is so beautiful for so many people, whereas to me, it’s an enemy I’m constantly trying to defeat.

Going through school I became apathetic, simply due to the fact that I was considered stupid. I was the class clown in later years and was happy in that role. I’d developed a really quick wit as a defense mechanism, and it became something I got very good at. I could cut you apart and laugh instantly.

Then a breakthrough happened. I had been playing flute for years in school and was kicked out by a horrible music teacher, who would make comments like “Boys don’t sing”. Anyway… I was kicked out of music “because I wasn’t practicing” – this wasn’t true.

I decided to take up Guitar with a friend. I’d go round to his house and play his brothers guitar and learn early Travis songs such as Slideshow. Then I realized I could remember things when music was introduced. I could remember the chords because my hand had to make a physical shape and because of the pitch. I realized I could remember lyrics because they were associated with a melody. Then it happened… I realised I could take my class notes and make them songs. This worked for GCSE as it was very test based, which is how I went from predicated E’s to C’s. But in terms of AS levels, it wasn’t the same. Coursework made it really difficult to apply this technique.

At this point I kind of came to the conclusion that education wasn’t aimed at someone like me. I found out what an academic was. I realised that wasn’t me. As much as my school had some lovely teachers that really tried and helped many kids, there was still a major ignorance in terms of dyslexia.

The benefit I realized, was that I had my own ways to learn. The internet was blossoming at this point. Videos and tutorials started to show up online, companies were making digital music software and I started to really understand. I realised the issue wasn’t the English language. It was English in its written form! That’s a distinction that really needs to be emphasised. I did understand the language. I started to learn its rules by questioning it and discussing it. Not learning it from a text book or doing exercises. This is something I’m still doing today, and to be honest, it’s why I started my blog in the first place. I wanted to challenge myself. I wanted to say “I can do this if I want”. Yes, I do need to get my wife to proof read these, but I’m not just accepting I can’t do things.

What benefits does dyslexia bring?

There are benefits from dyslexia for me both directly and indirectly.


Having been embarrassed as a child for getting things wrong, having a teacher get frustrated with me and having other kids laughing, I am no longer easily embarrassed. I kind of also don’t have a filter anymore. I say everything. This is great for creativity. I let my mind empty its tanks. I don’t have the filtering process of thinking “it’s probably a bad idea to say this”. Or even the thought process where you won’t try something because you’re afraid you’ll look stupid. I’ve spent a lifetime looking stupid, but sure… I’ve learnt a lot from the responses that come back when I am wrong. I’ve learnt that being wrong is part of the journey to finding the truly correct answer. You end up finding out why you were wrong and how that relates to the right answer, right opinion etc… I don’t think this is exclusive to dyslexics, but the process of life with dyslexia enables it.


I have no choice but to find a different route to the answer. This makes me great at problem solving. I can find multiple ways to do things. I’ve also found it makes me a good teacher, as I can offer multiple angles, reasons and ways to teach. I’m not trying to disguise the answer in a written language. I’m explaining the answers through practical, visual or auditory aids.

This also means that when I learn something though my methods, I really know it. Probably just as you do when you read something, but rather than take someone’s word for it, I have to experience it to know it works, so I typically have a real world understanding. Yes it’ll take me longer to get. Yes I’ll read slower, but when I get it… I really get it & I always love to share it with others.


It’s funny that ultimately I wouldn’t want to be without it. It’s enabled me to be fully creative to not have a fear of failing and to empathise with those who struggle in education. As a teacher now, I think that gives me a distinct advantage. I start my year groups and classes now as “how’s it going people, I’m Peter McVeigh, I’m dyslexic. I’m gonna write on the board now, feel free to correct my spelling in your own work” I’m not saying this to highlight “oh guys, pitty me, I’m dyslexic”. I’m saying “how’s it going people, I’m Peter McVeigh, I don’t speak that language, but you’ll get the gist of what I’m saying”.

Written language is important. I’m still trying to get my head around it. Discussing music using the written word is my entry point into this world, as it lets me work with a vocabulary & terminology I speak. I just need to decode it into this written format.

If you’re dyslexic, chill out people!
It doesn’t = stupid.
It probably actually = smart.
Not book smart though.


(Probably edited heavily by Edel)

Should probably also be called Dyslexia & I ( I know it’s killing all you Grammar Nazis)



Nashville Visitor:

It’s been a while since I blogged, been a crazy few weeks / month in my life. A lot of Positives and some pretty big negatives too, but all of that is part of why I love music! I’ve been able to use music as an escape for therapy again. Recently music has been a real tool in helping me connect with people from around the world!



Last month I had the privilege of having Mark Evitts as a guest! Mark was introduced to me via the lovely Emily Volman who I met on my recent visit to Nashville. The ‘Belfast Nashville Songwriters Festival’ trip has really been an extra kick for my career, there’s been a few positive promising opportunities that have arisen from the trip and I’m sure you’ll be hearing more about them as 2015 kicks on!



Mark & I had a deal that he arranges some of the tracks for my album and I’d bring him over to Ireland, put him up and show him around! The benefit of this is that I’ve gained a new friend from it! The rest all fell into place! Mark is a fantastic arranger, we arranged some tracks together and some tracks I completely let him do his thing on. In the end there’s 6 tracks that Mark will feature on (Song for Autumn, Stronger, This Year, I Remember, Save Me & Sleep) I’ve let some lucky people hear the unmixed tracks and it’s had a resounding positive vibe fed back!



Something I found interesting about Marks trip is how much music there is in our City, and to such a high standard. Mark arrived on Monday and left on Thursday and each of those days Mon – Thursday we were witness to fantastic music.



A friend of mine was also supposed to contribute some string arrangements to the album. Peter Rosser sadly passed away this week after a battle with Cancer. He’ll be sorely missed but his service and gig on the night of his funeral were beautiful! RIP Pete you’ll be missed but always remembered!



Recently I’ve also been visiting the fantastic Einstein studios up in Antrim. Frankie McClay has some fantastic ears and some fantastic gear. The two combined make choosing his studio an easy choice. The Kickstarter guys have been getting some exclusive video content of that. But I’d like to keep the rest of you updated also. The studio sessions are going fantastic. I’ve been tracking Drums with Thomas Camblin for a number of the more Pop / Rock tracks and I’ve also been recording Guitar with Dan Byrne McCullough. I’ve missed two weeks up in the studio due to some unforeseen circumstances but I can’t wait to get back to it next week.



So atm… the album has been recorded in my back bedroom, Hyperduck Studios, Einstein studios, and some studios in LA & Nashville! As well as the stings being recorded in Nashville in TenEleven studios and Sweden by the amazing Mark Evitts! … It’s hard to believe the Album is visiting so many places around the world!


My website is also in the process of being updated with a back office section for people who purchase the album. You’ll see more on that in the coming weeks.


I’ll give you a shout in the next few days when the websites sorted!


Kickstarter (Support Via Paypal)

Kickstarter Support (Support via Paypal)



Hi Guys, I’ve now setup a Donate button below where you can help support the progress of the new Album Via Paypal, I’ve had a few people complain that they can’t support the album due to not having a credit card or that their card isn’t being accepted by kickstarter, So here’s my solution. A donation button, click on the button below and you can pledge an amount. Remember to check out the project below and see what you’ll get for your money. for example £10 gets you a Physical copy of the Album & the Lights EP, £25 gets you those + a T shirt & exclusive content etc.. check below!







It’s been a busy year! From playing the bluebird café (Nashville TN), Ulster Hall (Belfast NI), Backstage (The Netherlands) & Smugglers Festival (Kent) I’ve been picking up supporters, friends & a lot of contacts within the music industry! From playing on stage with Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi) To working and writing with Mike Malinin (Goo Goo Dolls) The most common statement I’m hearing is “get an album out!” So I think it’s time to do just that!

There’s one issue though… This original music game is wild expensive! I’ve already written, arranged & tracked some of the album (with help from friends) but if I’m going to do this album, I really need to do it right from the start! So that’s where you come in… I need your help to add the final sparkle and professional touches on the album before I let it out into the big bad world!

What’s left to do on the project? (Where will your support go?) 




It has always been a dream of mine to have a string quartet play on my album, Songs such as Stronger, I Remember, Save me & This Year all really deserve a beautiful string arrangement and some fantastic players on them to really deliver those songs to their full potential. You would be directly responsible for helping this dream come true! Original music isn’t the most well paid job and there are so many outgoings when trying to complete a project such as this, I’m asking you guys to help me because I can get the album done to a certain extent on my budget, but these extras will really bring the content to a whole new level that I’m really excited about!



Mastering isn’t the most glam part of the process but it’s necessary in order make the album ready for radio and other media formats. I’ve researched & made a connection with a mastering engineer who has worked on the likes of U2, Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson, The Killers & Nine Inch Nails and come to an agreement for him to master the album for a reduced rate. Just as before I could Master the album myself or go to a cheaper mastering engineer but I would really love to achieve the standard of mastering that the bands above have had and hopefully that’ll make the sonic quality as professional as those above.


This is really self-explanatory in order to get the album out there + to have some copies for press I need your help. Printing & Duplication can get very expensive especially on initial runs where you’re not to sure if you should invest in large quantities which are always cheaper.


Well if I’m going through the trouble of trying to do all of this right, and taking the huge risk of being embarrassed online, I may as well invest some money into promoting the Album properly. PR budgets are limitless and I understand I’ll still have to invest further, but your support really will help push the public profile of the album. So really… I need your support because it’s time for me to do an album! In order to do it right I need you to be part of it with me. I’ve funded my two previous EPs (Eskimos Fall / Lights EP) and worked hard whilst doing it to raise the funds. I need you guys to lend your support to this kickstarter project so that I can afford to realize the full potential of the Album I have waiting for you all.

So here’s what I have to offer you for your fantastic support! 

























  • When We Kiss
  • Save Me

Check out some of my previous material:
(Sarah was a 100% home recording)

I was honored to be selected as part of a group of Artists to visit & Play in Nashville USA, here’s a video of me performing my track Judas (Lights EP) in Bluebird Cafe!

And finally here’s an audience perspective of me playing live on stage with Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi) in the Ulster Hall Belfast! 

It feels a bit ridiculous doing stretch goals at this point, but I thought I’d put them in on the chance that If I did reach or exceed my target,  I could explain where the support would be invested. There’s always something that can be made better and here’s a few ideas I’ve got.






Come together… Write Music!

Come Together… Write Music!




I love the studio… it’s my home from home. Actually sometimes it’s just my home. There’s been many a day I’ve lost to the studio. It wouldn’t be unusual for me to do a 13 hour stint only taking breaks for dinner… if even. Over the years I’ve been lucky enough to pickup some very talented friends and I decided to have a co-write session in the studio in Belfast last week, which will be a reoccurring session every Tuesday. The plan is to have a core group of musicians consisting of myself, Chris Geehan, Dan Byrne McCullough & Thomas Camblin. Then have guests come in every so often such as Stephen Mccartney from Farriers, Zarah Fleming, Ciara O’Neill, Shauna Tohill and many more.

The purpose of the sessions is simply to create content – be it to produce albums or for us to pitch to advertising and TV companies. We might even write for specific artists. We’re not running a commercial studio. There are many groups in Belfast educational facilities, charity organisations, people promoting industry skills, which are all very valid. But something that I’ve found lacking is the access to writing rooms with proper recording facilities.



That’s personally why I got involved in opening a studio. Having access to a comfortable room, with high spec recording facilities makes the process much easier. This is something I think organisations and groups trying to promote local music should invest in. Or more artists should get together and just “create”. Mine is a personal venture based around my own and my friends’ businesses.

Owning a composition studio is much more affordable than you’d think with a group of friends involved. Just make sure they’re like-minded before you do so! Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying avoid recording studios. I’m saying get a writing room with a great rig and start to knock out high level demos. When you visit a studio you pay for someone’s expertise as a sound engineer or producer and that’s something that takes years to master. So make sure to still hire those guys for your own studio at the very least or visit their much superior acoustically treated rooms!



Tuesday was a great night we had a full band setup, a pro tools HD rig, some lovely pre amps and some beautiful mics. But much more importantly… we had ideas. In the past and throughout my education as a musician, I’ve been pushed into groups and organisations with fantastic musicians, but the main issue I experienced was they weren’t composers. This was extremely frustrating. In that room on Tuesday everyone there creates music. Everyone has ideas and everyone is a master of a specific instrument + a few more!



We’re all different, like different genres and we all bring something fresh to the table. It’s such an exciting, fun & goofy place to create. No one is afraid to bring an idea, nothing is too “out there” as long as it makes the song better. I’ve been searching my whole life for a session like this and now I’m lucky enough to be part of it! As well as having the studio sessions, I work with a few other artists around the world. The prime from the Netherlands are an exceptional electronic production outfit. Mike Malinin previously of the band Goo Goo Dolls and Emily Volman from Nashville. We co-write some ideas that also end up in the studio sessions to see if we can flesh them out! It’s such a natural process and is in no way compromised by the technology – only aided!



Between us we have multiple contacts within the music industry and enough education and practical experience as producers, mixing engineers, writers and session musicians to be able to create content to a high standard! I can’t wait for you all to hear what we produce as a group! We’re going to start vlogging and blogging the sessions to keep people up to date and to hopefully inspire a few of our fellow musicians to take the risk and start a composition studio yourself! Check out some of the photos and videos from last Tuesdays session!








[jwplayer mediaid=”689″]







[jwplayer mediaid=”690″]


Two Albums Changed My Life:

Two Albums Changed My Life:


There were two albums that changed my life. I remember it was in and around 1998. The first – my friend Christopher Egan had introduced me to a cassette tape of ‘The Man Who’ by Travis. I brought the Cassette home put the album on, put my headphones on top of my ears while  catching a bit of my hair in the extension part of the headphones, then I let this vibrato guitar, feedback intro, lead me into a completely new world of BANDS.





Before that I’d been a Dave Pierce, Dance Anthems kind of kid. I was a skinny, gangly, awkward, 13 year old shy kid ( I know shy, me… you’d never have guess it). I’d grown up playing classical flute and studied grades with the School of Music etc… but it seemed like a completely different world to that of bands & rock music. So much so in fact, that I never considered myself a musician like these guys. It always just seemed like school work and didn’t inspire me in any way. I’d become so disillusioned with classical music that I started to compose my own pieces on flue and then write accompanying lines to the songs from ‘The Man Who’.
I remember sitting listening to side one of the cassette and being so enthralled in the tracks that the click of the play button popping up startled me and snapped me out of the trance I was in. I was really finding this new world of depth, width & warmth within music and such beautiful production.


I remember thinking these lyrics are fantastic and feeling inspired to go get a pen and some paper to start writing the lyrics of the songs down.  Without knowing anything about song writing I started to notice there were patterns in the tracks. I swear to god, I can vividly remember the feeling of excitement as I thought I’d found this new world discovery! So me being Indiana McVeigh I decided to explore it more. I started watching the Top 40 on RTE. I’d turned it on one Sunday and I think it was already down to the top 10. Number 1 this week was a song called Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls.


It exploded my brain… The strings, the impact on the drums, the raw chorus vocal & the time signature changes (that I didn’t understand at that point), but finding out this different texture really excited me.


Travis had introduced me to these very Celtic, lilted driven, sombre tunes. And the Goo Goo Dolls brought this brash, heartfelt, string drenched pop… really massive pop rock anthems. I didn’t know or care at the time that they weren’t the “coolest” bands in terms of critics. They just really made sense to me. I could find myself in the songs. So I started to rip off the tracks and replace lyrics with my own (some would say I’m still ripping them off). I think around 2 years later, around the time The Invisible Band was coming out, I decided “I can do this” and asked for a guitar for Christmas. My mum wasn’t too impressed! She’d bought my brother Thomas a guitar and he didn’t use it & my brother Kevin a digital keyboard and he didn’t use it either. So I had this guitar with 3 strings, and a digital piano. I found some bits of strings and put the wee classical guitar back together as best I could, learnt what tuning was and started to work it out! I stayed behind in school in the music store teaching myself the guitar. I found chord books for the Albums ‘The Man Who’ & ‘Dizzy up the girl’ and started exploring the bands back catalogues, learning these songs on guitar, taking the chords and making my own tunes. I still think in terms of how I write – it’d be best described as Fran Healy from Travis singing over the top of Goo Goo Dolls music.


So I find it really funny that all these years later, 16 of them to be exact, I’m finally starting the process of releasing my first Debut album that’s still directly related to these 2 albums. The funniest thing is, I’m working with Mike Malinin (Goo Goo Dolls) now. Anytime I was in a band I always told the drummer to go check out how Mike drummed. How he lent himself totally to the song and never overplayed on a track. It was nice to meet Mike in person in Nashville and realise he’s a great guy as well as an awesome drummer, and we’ve also now established he’s a great lyricist! This album is really going to be fantastic! I’m very excited about it, I hope it really showcases who I am now, and musically where I’ve come from. I’d also love to affect someone with my music like those two groups did with me. Without those 2 albums I’d not be doing this right now… I’d be on a completely different path. I know that sounds rather saccharine, but it’s 100% true. Art can change your life if you let it!


I’m excited to let you guys hear what I’ve been up to, and I’m secure enough in myself to know it’ll not be everyone’s cup of tea, but in its demo format atm… it’s something I’m exceptionally proud of already!



I’d really recommend people to listen to both Albums.



I can’t pick fav songs from the albums because they’re both full of great songs!



Check them out!