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Finding that sound…(Who am I now?)

Finding that sound… (Who am I now?)

I’ve been and will continue to update my Kickstarter backers on the process of making the album & developing songs, but I thought I’d take a bit of time to discuss some of the thoughts as I progress into pre production of ‘The Wolf & Peter’.

I’ve already written a number of songs and I’m finding there’s a definite separation of sound. There’s always been two real styles in my music. The Pop Rock element  & then that more Irish Singer Songwriter sound. The strength in the writing seems to fall more within that Irish Singer Songwriter vibe atm… These songs are really standing out as they sit along side the other more “popular” sounding tracks. It seems for the first time that there may be a bit of rub that needs sorted.

I now see myself as a performing artist as well as songwriter. I’m travelling and performing my songs for audiences more. Before, I was a songwriter, releasing a collection of my best songs. This new distinction in who I am has led to some conflicting ideas in my approach. Which song would I play first in the set? Which songs would be great closers? I guess I’m trying to prevent myself  writing for a live gigs & just writing as many great songs as I possibly can.

So I find myself at a point in my career where I’m thinking is it time to redefine that sound or should it continue to be diverse and just a collection of what I consider to be great songs? Just as I asked for the last album, does a cohesive album in terms of genre and style matter anymore or just go for the best batch of songs?

I’m just thinking out loud at this point, but the best way to give you a reference is do I progress with that ‘Song for Winter’ sound or go all out ‘When we Kiss’ at this point…? ‘Song for Winter’ seems to be winning. It’s a harder sound to make interesting live… but I guess that’s my job isn’t it.

I hope all’s well in your life people.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this


Five Days Left…

Five Days Left… I can’t really believe it…

The successes of the Kickstarter to this point has blown me away, The fantastic element of it is there’s so many people that I don’t know, that aren’t friends & family. So many people from USA, Asia & UK which actually has been a bit of a blank spot for me in previous years. It defiantly feels like the Kickstarter was a good idea. It’s gut wrenching to do it at first, you put yourself out there and just wait for people to nag on it or just not support it. To be fair there’s been a few conversations both online & offline where people don’t get it, where they state reasons why they don’t like it, and that’s fine. I wouldn’t argue that it’s the right way or wrong way. It’s just my way.

It’s worked for me in the past, I found it a great way to interact with fans. Now it’s worked for me again and has proven to be very successful. So much so, that i’ve had a lot attention from industry and people offering things. Which to this point i’ve refused. I’ve no real interest in a record deal. I love having control over my life & my career and love being in control of the content I share on my social media pages.

I’m not looking to be that typical singer songwriter, mysterious and moody. I love my life, I love people & I’m happy to share my experiences & I want to share and have a bit of a laugh with you all.

I’m about 182% funded on the Kickstarter… for press and stories alone when plugging the Album it’d be great to get it around the 200% mark. I know I’ve already done so well, I’m happy and grateful for all the support, but there’s five days left and it’s time to push on.

This album is gonna be so much fun. You guys have taken a lot of pressure off of me and I greatly appreciate it.

Head on over to the kickstarter and get yourself an Album or T shirt or Vinyl… You’ll also get updates about the project and my trip to Nashville. Check out some of the rewards below: