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“A ridiculously strong, hauntingly beautiful debut”

“A ridiculously strong, hauntingly beautiful debut from Peter. Truly unbelievable.”

One of the many quotes I could have taken from the very flattering review from the guys over at ChordBlossom which you can check out here:

Haven taken a wee break from Social media its nice to still be able to come across what people are saying about the Album. It’s actually nicer to not be finding it on your stream, someone came up to me today when I was walking to work and said they’d read the review and subsequently went to check out the album.

The Album launch went ridiculously well, I don’t think I’ve ever felt as comfortable vocally on stage. Considering like any normal person there was a bit of tension in the air before the show & during sound check it went superbly well. The reviews & feedback from it have also been fantastic! I was talking to an ex-band mate today about how far it’s all come and developed & although ‘PM’ is a debut Album it’s probably an Album 10 years in the making. It was executed over 3 – 4 months but everything I’ve learnt, written about and developed appeared on the Album. It doesn’t feel like a debut to me either. It feels like something that has evolved over a career. It’s typically been a live career, I’ve not been fantastic at documenting it until these past 2 – 3 years.

If you’ve not already checked out the Album please do so. I’m exceptionally proud of it & people seem to be enjoying it… I’m off to Spain in a week, then off to Belgium for a show, then over the board into the Netherlands for 2 more shows before coming back for a few Irish shows. Check it out on itunes, amazon or over at

I’m gonna be organising a night in Belfast in a few months a small intimate show with a few friends bands. So get on learning the words so you can come fulfil another dream of mine lol Singing along at a show! #mememememe #narcissism

BTW I’ve been off Social media for 2 weeks now and I have to say I highly recommend taking a break… my head is so clear. In a very selfish way, I don’t know the worlds problems, I don’t know all of the gripes my friends have & I have a clear head to write down some melodies and lyrics. I’ve been very prolific over the past few weeks and I hope it continues.

I hope you’re enjoying your social media break from me!

I’ll be back soon!

Until then…





We need to talk about Peter…(social media)


I’ve seen it work first-hand with how it successfully helped me achieve a support slot with Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi) at the Ulster Hall. It helped me reach a financial goal with Kickstarter and also helped me achieve a great audience at my Album launch. It has become quite addictive for me and like an addict I’m currently finding “cold turkey” quite difficult… btw it’s only lunch time on day one! I thought I could ease my heroin need with some morphine (a blog post) – it’ll not go out for a while, if at all… I just need to type some stuff out.


I’d say the stresses of self-employment got me here. Needing a soap box to let the world and fellow industry people know I exist. That has been 100% successful. I’ve used social media quite well to develop and build relationships, but at some point it began to take over. I’ve developed my own brand and have started to see success from it. I’ve been able to travel around the world, play gigs and come back with some money in my pocket. Not a lot, but some. I’ve got the opportunity to co-write with people I’ve majorly respected. I’ve now a multitude of paid tours offered. A lot of the conversations revolve around “the music is great & you’re fantastic at plugging events, we’d be happy to have you on our tour”. So it’s also kinda become part of who I am as an artist.


When social media becomes such an important part of your life you can’t really imagine life without it. That’s where I am now and it’s why I 100% feel like I need a break from it all. I’m burnt out from the Album, The Launch, The singles and ensuring I had the money to be able to achieve it all. I have a few tours on the cards starting in April and I’d like to decompress and be fully ready for them.  I’ve experienced illness this year in my family & seen some friends pass and thought I really need to be using my time better. With such a finite resource, why would I spend it 24/7 looking at a screen rather than looking at my beautiful wife or making some beautiful music? Admittedly you can use it in a much more controlled way & I hope to achieve that but at the moment it’s “pure overkill”.


When I really started to understand analytics, data & how social media really worked, I created a currency or a game for myself. ‘Likes’ became that currency, and ‘Views’ on Youtube etc… It’s not the socialising with people that was the issue to be honest – that was the nice element of it. Also, I’ve tried to offer some peeks into the world for other artists. I like sharing that information, it’s probably the teacher in me and the fact that I spent a lot of wasted time learning this shit that I can divulge it in layman terms on this blog.


I have a bit of a break coming up in terms of music & a holiday abroad. I think removing myself as a test for 30 days from Facebook & Twitter is a good way to remember & get back to what my life was before it existed. You all know I exist now! I’m gonna be off Social Media until the 8th of April. You’ll probably see a few blogs appear on there, but that’s just cuz this server links them to it.

 I’m going to be making some crazy amounts of music & relaxing over the next few weeks! If you do NEED to get in contact with me, please contact me via If you don’t, I’ll see you on the flip side! I appreciate the support you’ve all shown for my Album, Launch & following me on my journey! It’s time to get back to the artistic side of things and ditch the soap box for a while.

Stay safe!