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Playing the Spotify Game (I need your help)

Playing the Spotify Game (I need your help)

I know, I know, I know… I’m always asking for help lately… but hear me out!

I’m sure some of you are aware that I have a new Album coming out in the coming months. After spending thousands of pounds on the Album I really need to ensure the album reaches a bigger audience this time round. I’ll be working with some very talented PR people when the time comes, but having researched a lot of data it looks like I’ll need to embrace the digital streaming era.

I’ve been doing a lot of research on Spotify specifically, because they’re the biggest market of subscribers. There’s been a lot of investigative journalism taking place that suggests Payola is taking place in the world of Spotify playlists.

What’s being suggested (here)(here) & (here) for e.g. is that Major labels & or people with vast amounts of money are buying up spaces on the playlists for their artists. This just seems wrong to me and really affects artist being able to progress and be heard in this new era of music distribution. It’s nothing new I’m aware it used to happen more with radio also, but we can play the game a bit differently.

A way for me to be able to make back some of the costs of the Album as well as using kickstarter, selling at shows and using digital distribution would be to to get playlisted on Spotify. In order to do this, I’ve found a few things that could aid me in my cause. I’ve been able to obtain information on what information Spotify request for you to be playlisted and you guys can directly help me or other artists being doing the following:

Spotify Follows:
You can help me by following my Spotify Artist Page Click Here

Spotify Playlist:
You can help me by following my Spotify Playlist Click Here

Facebook No. of Likes
You can help me by liking my Facebook artist profile page click here

Twitter No. of Followers
You can help me by following my Twitter artist profile page click here

YouTube Total Views & subscribers
You can help me by subscribing to my profile click here

Official Website Number of Mailing list Subscribers:
You can help me by signing up to my mailing list click here

So these things will massively aid me in my mammoth task lol, The follow on Spotify & following the playlist are majorly important, the playlist gives me leverage as an artist to trade space on my playlist with followers for space on another persons playlist which generates opportunity to exposure to a new fan base.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this & if you feel the need to help me out. It really is a crazy complicated business nowadays but it’ll be worth it. I’m massively happy with the new Album and can’t wait for you all to hear it. I just want to make sure it gets a wide a release as possible on my budget. If you could share this… We could do something pretty rare & break out of a small internet circle into something bigger.

Thanks again people!


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