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We Don’t Believe You (new single)

‘We Don’t Believe You’ My first single from my second Album ‘The Wolf & Peter’

The Song is available to Pre-Order from iTunes on May 18th via: click here
Song will be released 25th of May on all digital platforms
I’ll be appearing on BBC TalkBack tomorrow May 18th 1pmĀ UK/Ireland

I was inspired to write this song after attending a media seminar for artists in which the podium speakers emphasised that you should “keep your personal opinions or political opinions off of your artist social media profiles”. How you should “only interact with people on a surface level in order to connect and be able to sell product”. It didn’t sit very well with me.

I’ve felt for a while that music in general needs to have a bit more substance and this is my first attempt at delivering something worthwhile. ‘We Don’t Believe You’ wasn’t meant to be a single, but when the election was called I thought it’d be the perfect time to showcase the song and created a video for it. I hope it’s something you find interesting, an uptempo song with a serious message quite a juxtaposition I know. It’s a bit of an experiment for me but something I’m already very very proud of.