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The Final Push (House Concerts)

The final push, well it feels like that, but really it’s probably the mid-way point in the project.
It’s hard considering that after all the hard work of conceptualising, writing, co-writing, designing, arranging, recording, re-recording, re-arraning, re-recording, mixing, re-mixing, mastering, mastering for multiple vinyl and then… sending it off to get pressed. Now you’ve to start to plug the thing. Almost 10k into the project and now it’s time to start paying for some radio plugging.

There’s a stress that’s lifted from all of the above mentioned part of the project, I can feel myself thinking clearly again and starting to plan out how to market the new Album, but there’s still part of me that doesn’t care for that part of it all. I love the creating part, I love the musical aspects. Now I’ve to turn on the touring head, the business head and look at admin and royalty collection. Being Independent as an artist dictates that this is what has to happen. In saying all of the above, there’s a satisfaction that I know I got after finishing my last Album. That you’ve been able to create a piece of work and get it out there and tour is such an achievement, especially when you do it 100% by yourself. I feel this Album is a much better album, but I also feel it will be a harder task this time round, even in the 2 years since I’ve put the previous album out, things seemed to have changed again. The original music scene in all cities seems to have shrank. Bars that are willing to take the risk of opening an upstairs or downstairs have disappeared and those willing to take the risk are 50 – 80 seaters. Smaller venues like the Sunflower Bar in Belfast as well as Voodoo are really helping us cling onto some sense of a “scene”. I see the house gig creeping into Northern Ireland more, and I think this is where the “singer songwriter” scene is heading.

So putting this out there, if you have a space where you’d like to put on an event, give me a shout and maybe there’s something we could arrange to put a house concert on or a cool intimate venue gig. I’m looking to do something different this time round & maybe we can work together. Thinking Europe wide atm… stateside we’ll talk 2018.

More coming soon… You’ll see!!!