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Every year I run some sort of charity event, for two years it was gigs, last year it was busking. It’s a hard time of year to get people out to events but we’ve always done decent. This year I’m offering any money made on buying my digital anthology from my website. I’ll run the charity sale from today 20th of November – Jan 1st. if you hit my store over at it’s the first product listed there.

I started kind December after seeing pretty terrible scenes around Black Friday a few years ago and thought it’d be a worthwhile endeavour to try to raise some money for charities. Usually I run the events for cancer funds for children, but this year I’ll donate it to a worthy Homelessness outreach program (researching atm…)

I’ve created a system where you can buy the bundle for £5, £10, £15, £20. You’ll receive the same package it’s just a way to pay more if you’d like to.

Thanks for the support people

Have a great Black Friday… Be Kind!!!

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