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This Friday it’s here – ‘The Wolf & Peter’

So on the 1st of September ‘The Wolf & Peter’ will be released into the wild. You’ll be able to download it on iTunes, Spotify, etc… all of the many various digital platforms. I was debating weather to put it out digitally but I suppose I just need to accept that this is how people currently consume music & that’s that really. If you’re someone who Loves physical CD’s or Vinyls I’m currently signing all copies that go out. So head on over to the store ¬†and grab yourself a copy!

I’ve been playing a few shows with Zarah Fleming on Cello & Dan Byrne McCullough on Guitar, I do plan to do a full band show in Belfast but at this point its just not financially viable. I’ll come back to it in a few weeks or so I’m sure. I’ve also noticed everyone and their uncle is releasing new material in September and there’s a ton of Album & EP launches. I’ll prob just include a show as part of a tour either launching or closing said tour.

Currently the album’s doing really well amongst those who got early access, a lot of the singles have gotten radio play across the UK and in some places in Europe. I’m artist of the week on BBC late Night with Eve Blair where a song of mine is played each night for the week. Everyone has a different favourite song, it was the same with the last Album ‘PM’ and that makes me really happy. It gives me some affirmation that the Album as a body of work is good. To be honest I know it’s good, It feels really good when I play it in the car and I don’t need to skip this one or that one. As a body of work it’s exactly where I want to be for Album two, It’s such a relief to be able to say that, there were a few delays along the way but looking back they were exactly what needed to happen as four of the songs completely changed, one was removed from the album and another replaced it. Thank you to everyone who helped me achieve it! It’s been a Wild Stressful ride this one, who decides to do an album, then buys and sells a house decides after 32 years now is the time to start learning to drive and prep for an exam and decides to renovate the completely wrecked house all in the space of 10 months. It’s all landed together, everything is coming to an end and now again is the time to get out and start playing some shows with a beautiful bunch of musicians.

I’ve another project started & planned, which i’m sure you’ll be hearing about in the next month or so. Don’t worry it’s not kickstarted this time. But I’ll be hitting the studio again with a band and some strings… More on that later.

Enjoy a really sunny Wed here in Belfast and beyond

catch you on the flip side!


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